spring is in the air.......122x60cm.


space age for jewellery

a special jewellery box

find our way...60x40cm.

CONFINEMENT....90x90cm. [sold]

porto [sold] --teatime [sold]

a beautiful jewellery box for those special things

keeping an eye.....122x60cm.



blowing in the wind......122x60 cm.

blowing in the wind


waves 60x40cm


fields of colour 120x60 cm.

freedom 80x60cm.

Tuscany 80x60 cm. sold

world ...80x60cm.

blowing bubbles 120x80 cm.

back to the 50,s

BACK TO THE 50,S.....120x60 cm.

back to the 50,s

thinking man 80 x45cm

scissors 80x60 cm.

the love of art

4 together ,,PORTO HOUSES,,SOLD.....60x40 cm

Mountain view 120x80 cm.

Go with the flo size_80x60cm.

grapes in tuscany size-80x60cm.

hi my name is, hermanus,and i am an artist,my love for paintng goes back many years,and have been painting al kinds of images over the years,i love colour ,and for me, to exspres my self on canvas or wood is just so satisfing ,please take your time to look through them as every one tells a story,enjoy

colours to lift us up.-60x40cm

colours to lift us up,-60x40cm.

1.shapes.=60x40cm ant.-60x40cm.

live is a spiders web,-size-40x40cm.

sky rise- 80x80cm. ,,SOLD,,

we are all shapes & sizes. -size-60x40cm.

scissors.size-80x60cm. planet.size-80x60cm.

style.1.-size-60x43cm. style.2.-size-60x36cm.


blowing bubbles.-size-120x80cm.

us. -size-60x40cm.

flames of love. -size-112x66cm.

,1, pyramid's. -size-80x60cm. ,2, spin.size-80x60cm. ,3, horizon.size-80x60cm

find our way.size-60x40cm.

inner me. size-80x44cm.

colours to lift our lives. 4x60x40cm. balloons.size-53x38cm.

big city.-size-80x60cm.

1,the way.size70x60cm. flowers.size-60x50cm.

the waves of love.size-60x40cm.


midle of the road.-70x60cm.

colours to lift our lives ,all sizes approximately 60x40cm ,,TEA SOLD../PORTO ,,SOLD

millennium 2000. size-100x70cm. ,,SOLD,,

Intertwine_60x40cm. Live_60x40cm.

writing on the wall. size-100x70cm.

the inner heath of love. size-80x60cm.

seaside. size--100x80cm.

flowers in a field. size-120x80cm.

blocks. size-100x60cm.

clowning. size-80x45cm.

1.-baloons-54x40cm. lips--60x40cm.

1.-botox- 60x40cm. girl in the news.--50x40cm.

kids. size-80x45cm

nurses. size-60x40cm.

gossip girls. size -80x45cm.

plastic botlels . size-60x40cm.

nuns. size-80x45cm.

tunnels in live.-60x40cm.

all my paintings are for sale ,for more information send to my email. hennybernard47@gmail.com